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Walking through vineyards, olive-groves and stone – paved streets of inhabited villages of Primošten Burnji and Južni, where everyday life is unthinkable without donkeys and mules, one can best experience all the attractions of rural Dalmatian hinterland, where lifestyle remained unchanged throughout centuries.

Only couple of kilometers away from beautiful seashores, in craggy hinterland of middle Adriatic there lies hidden a group of around twenty scattered idyllic stone villages of Primošten Burnji and Primošten Južni. Resembling pearls on a string they are situated around the well of Bojana – source of life for this area. These villages are surrounded by fields on which for centuries hard-working peasants with their blistered hands tilled this scarce land despite of rocky ground and grew wine grapes olives, figs, almonds… Today there are more houses than people here and quiet stone-paved streets yearn for young people that are almost completely gone from here. It seems that time stopped and remained captured in treetops of centuries-old olives leaving this land untouched, while sleeping in sultry haze of drywalls and dazzling red soil in the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

The estate of Baćull's court offers to tourists and visitors peace in the village atmosphere, relaxation and ecologically healthy food. The estate is a well-preserved building from the 16 th century and it consists of simple stone houses making a complete housing and farming unity. The houses are made of stone used even for house roofs.

  • Basic building of the estate is a kitchen with hearth, where one cooks, eats and spends most of time.
  • Tavern is an underground chamber for storing wine, oil, prosciutto, cheese, dried figs and almonds.
  • Barn is part of the estate and in it are usually sheep and a donkey.
  • Mill for oils is a larger house with a high roof covered with stone plates where once was one of the biggest oil works in Dalmatia. A big millstone for squeezing olives remained and on the other side there are ancient presses where bags with squeezed olives once used to be put. Everything was done manually and the mill produced the highest quality oil.
  • Within the estate of Baćulovi dvori there is a votive chapel, well and a wine grape hanging over dining table.

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