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Fill yourself with positive energy by cycling along centuries-old olive groves and vineyards surrounded by dry stone walls. Relax by walking through the country’s cobbled streets. Enjoy the view of the sea infinity.

The Way of the Cross in Draga

If you come in spring, do not miss the traditional event in our village – the Way of the Cross, which is held in Draga on Good Friday before Easter. The Way of the Cross starts at the beginning of the village and ends at the top of Jagleš hill and is approximately 500 m long.

The stations of the Way of the Cross are made as chapels and were painted by academic painter and graphic artist Zvonimir Vila.

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zanimljivosti u blizini

Old Romanesque church

In the nearby village of Prhovo there is an old Romanesque church from the 13th century, first mentioned in 1298 with the founding of the Šibenik diocese.

It is also the parish church of the village of Draga and is named after St. George. It is believed that there is an old Croatian church under it.

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Protected landscape Bucavac

If you are in Primošten, a visit to Bucavac, a protected landscape with the famous Babić vine, is a must. The famous Primošten vineyards from the Bucavac, located near the Kremik marina, are known as “stone Primošten lace”.

This attractive image of stone, vine and sea beautifully illustrates how much effort it takes to produce a top-quality wine from this variety.

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Statue of Our Lady of Loreto

Opposite Bucavac, on the hill Gaj, rises an impressive Statue of Our Lady of Loreto, 17 m high, which offers a beautiful view of the archipelago and the hinterland.

Our Lady of Primošten is located on the international pilgrimage routes of Marian shrines associated with Our Lady of Loreto.

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Cycle or walk along the sea

You can see all this by cycling on trails that lead through old olive groves and vineyards surrounded by traditional dry stone walls.

If you decide to cycle or walk along the sea, take the well-kept promenade that leads from the village of Bilo all the way to the centre of Primošten.

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